Two retro soul tracks you HAVE to hear to get your weekend started right

Aidan and the Wild – “The Whip” ft. Merel Sophie
-If you’re looking for a cool soulful groove, check out this new track from Aidan and the Wild. The chill vocal in the opening is really intriguing, but it’s the mood of the track that I love the most. Once the vocal harmonies enter, the track goes from good to great. Showing the world that the overlap between folksy Americana and soul music is substantial. This is the kind of song that appeals to a wide audience because it has a relatable lyrical concept about being too hard on yourself and having a friend advocate for you to “take a break.” Perfect for those weekend vibes.

Teddy Grossman – “Power in Pain”
-We all have power; we all have pain. This song is a whole sermon, is it not? There’s so much soul in this performance, I feel like I might just sleep in this Sunday morning. Kidding, of course. What a remarkable track from Teddy Grossman, bringing some incredible vocal chops and a really good soulful groove. The muted horns work perfectly in the production. The call for unity is important for all of us to hear. I was feelin’ this track from the very start but the organ solo around the 3 minute mark sent it… I mean absolutely SENT this track. It’s off. It’s gone. This song is now flying away. If this song doesn’t make you feel something in your heart, you need to get to a doctor or a church or call your grandma cause something isn’t right with you.

Image courtesy: Aidan and the Wild IG

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