Three folk singer songwriters to add to your chill playlist

Brian Dale Allen Strouse – “Nothing matters more”
-The acoustic guitar style on this track struck me as both cathartic and engaging. The expressive vocal on the “I love you” section is sweetly expressed. Something about the composition reminds me a bit of James Taylor’s iconic style. The soothing, supportive style does a nice job of conveying both the mood and message of the song.

Euan Allison – “Fatherhood”
-The piano on this track sets a nice basis to the track. The pop vocal style from Allison works really well. Once the vocal harmonies enter the track it moves from typical singer songwriter fare into what feels more like a commercial pop track. That’s not a dig, though, as the sound is quite welcoming and engaging. As a father, I have to say the lyrics are undeniably relatable. The lines about challenges along the way but always being there… whew. That hits me in some emotional places. This is great.

Isaac Chan – “Gray”
-There’s a peaceful energy that comes from this song from start to finish. The acoustic guitar provides a sweet background to the thoughtful and expressive lead vocal. I appreciate that there are some really nice intricate production elements that don’t pull away from the message of the track. It’s extremely well balanced, allowing the listener to connect with the engaging and introspective lyrics. This is a good song for meditation and thinking about depression. This could be used for counseling.

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