Thursday Post Rock (Our Faves)

We love post rock and would be happy to write on it daily. The only issue we have is how little we get submitted to us and how little of that we accept for proper coverage. Truth is, if we received more from acts like these two, we would be over the moon in our work.

Take UK act After-Math as a perfect example of articulating a wondrous sound, while still staying restrained. The synth and guitar glide to a new rock air, while still shining in melody and precision. If we were tasked with sharing a quintessential single to best summarize the post rock scene and it’s possibilities, “Temporal & Knowable” would be the track we shared. It is smooth, beautiful, and engaging enough to lure even rock snobs and hipsters to fall madly in love.

After-Math – “Temporal & Knowable”

Another act that we serendipitously were introduced to is Aussie act Treebeard. We fell in love with their contemplation and intentional track construction. Without rush or wavering, the act have talent to spare on “Dear Magdalena”. While all members have worked successfully with other acts, it is here where they have generated some impressive band chemistry. The track plays every bit of it’s near 8 minutes with assuredness. Every point of it is necessary, shining bright with all their post rock peers.

Treebeard – “Dear Magdalena”

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