Three unique new tracks in the indie pop and indie folk genre space

Matt Pond PA – “Spaceland” ft. Matthew Caws
-We’ve covered Matt Pond PA around here a few times in the past several years. Although this track is listed as indie pop, it’s pretty similar to a lot of pop folk we’ve covered over the years. The moving guitar work highlights the pop lyricism well. The energy of the track reminds me of the pop rock that defined the late 90s and early 2000s. The vocal mix is really intriguing, highlighting harmonies and driving the melody well. It’s a good track that’s sure to find a home in a lot of pop rock and indie pop playlists.

Charm of Finches – “Canyon”
-Charm of Finches are another band that have become an almost automatic “yes” from me. The vocal is always really good, but the harmonies are… whew… divine? Is that too strong a word? Maybe. The mix feels like it comes from some magical other world. It’s similar to 60s folk revival, but with vocal harmonies that are even more divine than the classics. I wish I could put into words how these glorious harmonies make me feel. Just… stop reading and listen to this song. It’s an absolute stunner.

Dandie – “Tea time”
-If you want to know how I really feel about this song, I immediately put it on three of our Soundcloud playlists, including “singer songwriter.” I did this because this song is simply gorgeous. The lead vocal is enough to win my attention, but the guitar and overall melody are also wonderfully sweet. The mix is quite soothing. Call it indie pop or indie folk… no matter what we call this song, it’s extremely well done. Although we don’t stop for tea time here in the US (but I could be persuaded), a lot of us can relate to the sentiment of taking a moment to have a snack and a chat in the mid-afternoon. Slow down and enjoy life.

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