Three indie folk tunes to brighten up this late August

Big Little Lions – “Finally”
-If you’re a fan of indie folk music, you’ll love Big Little Lions. They’ve been one of my favorite new finds this year. I don’t think I’m even capable of saying no thanks to their submissions at this point. Everything about the song feels good. It’s got an upbeat style, a beautiful optimism, and a sing-a-long chorus. It feels really good from start to finish honestly. I even like the little chromatic turns in the melody. This one is a gem.

Lloyd Taylor-Clark – “London Water”
-Fans of acoustic folk music will find a lot to like in Lloyd Taylor-Clark’s songwriting. There’s a Beatles-era folk-meets-rock energy that is pretty evident in the recording. That said, it’s a little more “Something” by George Harrison than anything by the Fab 4 as a group. The chill energy of the track is sure to win a lot of fans but the lyrical style and overall unconventional construct will win a lot of fans of a more avant garde brand of folk music.

Tom Moran – “Stay”
-Moran’s style combines elements of pop folk music with a lyrically driven style. It’s the kind of song you’ll have to listen to a few times before you fully follow the lyrics, but that’s not a bad thing. The acoustic guitar work is the biggest feature of the track. The overall style stands out in a crowded folk scene by using more developed lyricism than the average hand-clappy song. This one requires some patience as you listen, but will resonate with a lot of our audience.

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