Three wonderful new folk tracks with lush, soothing soundscapes

Kat Hammock – “Beautiful Life”
-If you’re looking for folksy harmonies and a GORGEOUS vocal mix, please click play on this track. It’s a timeless country-meets-folk-meets-what-they-sing-in-heaven style. Okay I’m not sure what they sing in heaven, but from all the gospel music I’ve heard on earth, I imagine this won’t be out of place on the Great Concert in the Sky. Anyways, this song has a focus on the earthly realm about embracing the “joy and sorrow” of a beautiful life. This is a wonderful song for focusing on taking all of life, the ups and downs, with a sort of salt-of-the-earth sincerity. It’s perfect.

Phillip Brooks – “Red dress”
-This track has an intimacy that we rarely get to hear in folk music. It’s intimate, personal, and vulnerable. It’s also beautifully well mixed with both synth and guitar allowing the vocal to shine through. The “sing me to sleep” line works really well here. It’s the kind of song that cultivates a connection between the listener and the piece. There’s a real calming presence from start to finish.

The Pairs – “High hopes”
-The blending between the vocals and the acoustic guitar on this track are exceptionally well done. When the harmony vocal and the organ enter the track, it goes from a good relaxing acoustic folk tune to an outstanding folk soundscape. I really appreciate the depth of this track. The minimalist layering in the production is exactly perfect for conveying the sincerity in the lyrical message. This reminds me of something from Blaze Foley or John Prine. It’s outstanding.

Image courtesy: Kat Hammock IG

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