Three neoclassical pieces that capture the imagination

Julie Hanney – “Blue”
-The word “cathartic” comes to mind when listening to the musical work of Julie Hanney. This track, “Blue” has a genuine cathartic energy that makes me want to take a deep breath and just…….. relax. It’s a beautiful style with some repetition that makes for a lulling, calming, and lullaby-like sentiment for the song. Imagine a musicbox with a lullaby and a bit of meditative energy. There’s a chromatic section that cascades downward by half steps that absolutely electrifies my mind while the rest of the track calms me. This is a captivating piece.

William Campbell – “All in due time”
-If you’re looking for a calming piece of music, look no further than William Campbell’s piece “All in due time.” It’s befitting that it’s a song with a title about patience, as it’s the kind of music that will help calm your spirit as you wait… or contemplate… or meditate. Each phrase rolls into the next smoothly. The continuity in the track is quite pleasing. It allows the listener to get truly lost in the composition.

Lucas Forch – “Elisabeth”
-The calming energy from Lucas Forch’s musicianship has been capturing my attention for some time. Forch has an uncanny ability to create melodies that feel familiar, but you can’t quite remember where from. Was it a film score? An old popular song from days gone by? Probably neither. They’re just so exiquisitely assembled that they feel like you’ve heard them but you haven’t. This track is dedicated to a woman and without lyrics we don’t know the exact sentiment, but it certainly feels warm and genuine to me. It’s a beautiful piece.

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