Three singer songwriters to charm us all this summer

Leila Marie – “I want to run into your arms” (ft. Curiocide, Joey Libertore)
-This is a wonderful piece of music. I don’t know how the producer achieved the atmospheric style on the vocals, but it really works well. It’s like a fantasy. It’s a dream. It’s atmospheric bliss and I’m so incredibly grateful to have found it. The lyrics are about having that person in your life who can get you grounded after feeling like the world has beaten and battered you. It’s a blissful composition with just the right number of atmospheric layers.

Meryl Rudy – “Howling” ft. David Wimbish
-Folk music is a really rich genre with traditions going back many years, so when we find something that is new but feels like it captures the greatness of the style… wow, that’s something special. The lyrical concept around howling at the moon is relatable (covering this on Friday the 13th!). The energy around the track is both approachable and… inspiring. It feels like an expression of wildness and letting go in the best way possible. I definitely appreciate the folk spirit of the song.

Trevor Tchir – “Gwendolyn”
-If you’re looking for a folk rock energy, check out this new track from Trevor Tchir. I always say that when a song has the title of a woman’s name it’s either a love song or a heartbreak song. This one is the former. The up tempo energy from the organ is really magical. Fans of 70s style folk rock will find a lot to like with this energetic new homage to a love.

Image courtesy: Leila Marie IG

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