Three neoclassical pieces to bring calm this summer

Gianluca Piacenza – “Photograph”
-This is not the first time nor will it be the last that we feature the beautiful songwriting of Gianluca Piacenza. The phrasing and sincerity is incredible on this composition. I adore the way the sound is recorded here. There’s a considerable amount of emotion that eminates from the piece, allowing the listener to attach meaning to the hopeful strings of piano expression. It’s a delight.

Lucas van Kesteren – “Bridges”
-The composition does a really nice job of fulfilling the style of “neoclassical.” While some might recognize the minimalist piano as a classical piece, there are some elements of the timing and melody that feel much more modern. What I appreciate most is the way the melody rolls from phrase to phrase in a light, inspiring way. It’s thoughtful and reflective without getting bogged down. It reminds me a bit of taking a stroll down a hiking path or to a creekside in the summertime. The light peers in, illuminating the music and the listener. Striking.

Steve Luck – “Sway”
-I hate to mix my metaphors here, but Steve Luck is kind of a rockstar in neoclassical music. He’s one of the few artists with an incredibly high approval rate from me. The minimalist piano style is precisely what I love in this genre. Luck does a brilliant job of connecting disparate melodies, like a pop song, into a thoughtfully engaging piece of music. There are elements of blues, jazz, and pop all crafted around a timeless, energetic, and surprisingly spritely piano rhythm. It’s a treat and will be welcome on any neoclassical list for sure.

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