Three pieces that help define neoclassical music in 2021

Mazoulew – “Tourist”
-When it comes to neoclassical music, there are a number of innovative soundscapes that can be fit into the genre. This new piece from Mazoulew does a wonderful job of bringing in a cathartic piano element with subtle flourishes and highlights from other sounds, including strings. We don’t always feature neoclassical with this kind of orchestral style, but it is done in a very powerful way here. The overall track evokes emotions that are probably different for each listener, but the heart of the piece is quite evident. This is one to close your eyes and dream.

Peter Sandberg – “Frihet”
-The melody of this track rolls from one idea to another quite well. There’s a spirited energy in the piano work that puts a smile on my face with each listen. It sounds a little like a song from a film score while at the same time having standalone energy. I don’t know the fancy works for the chromatic runs in the melody, but they are amazing. I’ve grown up around piano music my whole life and it’s remarkable to hear some of the forms and patterns that Sandberg creates here. The mood, though, is what I like most. This piece just makes me feel lighter and happier.

Wilson Trouve and Jesse Brown – “Hopeful”
-We’ve featured Jesse Brown many times, so when I heard that he helped write this track with Trouve, I couldn’t help but be excited. It’s a magical neoclassical piece, bringing together many different elements of epic style songwriting. The emotions captured in the strings are really gorgeous. The whole style is meditative and a bit enchanting. I appreciate the space it gives me to imagine and hope.

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