Three exciting new rock tracks for your enjoyment

Denemy – “Naive”
-The style of rock here feels like it dips its toe into Americana a bit, but whatever you want to call it this is a quality performance. The mix on the track is really good as well. The lead vocal keeps it moving well. So I don’t want to spoil the listening experience, but I just want to say that everyone should listen the whole way through. The bridge is… innovative. The whole track is worth your exploration and enjoyment. I haven’t ever heard a rock track quite like this and I’m absolutely happy to support this kind of experimentation. This is ripe for a college rock station.

KID DAD – “Apartment”
-When I run across a rock sound this smooth, I have to accept it. It’s like an involuntary reaction; the chord structure is really good and the vocals are mixed well. The overall energy of the track is outstanding. The good vibes are sustained throughout the track and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I can’t quite put my finger on subgenre, but I’m happy to call it pop rock and just enjoy the energy of the harmonies. Give it a shot.

Southey – “Run river”
-If you’re looking for more of an acoustic guitar driven rock track, check out Southey’s latest “Run river.” The lyrics take center stage on this one, allowing the listener to connect with the narrative of the lead vocal. The subtle rasp in the lead vocal reminds me of someone (Hozier, maybe?), and the overall composition has a powerful rock-focused pop energy to it. The growth and evolution of the song as it develops is fascinating. The atmospheric energy and overall composition make this a truly remarkable new track.

Image courtesy: Southey IG

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