Three innovative rock tracks to energize this early August

Ally Palmer – “Running”
-If you’re looking for an easy going folk rock track for your late summer party playlist, check out the latest from Ally Palmer. The silky vocals from Palmer will have your guests thinking of the classics of the 70s. This is no 50 year old deep cut; this is a fresh, brand new track. Everything works together well from the guitars to the vocal. The mix is perfect, allowing the listener to follow the lyrics easily. To that end, by the way, the lyrics are relatable for so many of us who spend so much time running around and need to be reminded to relax… take it easy… and enjoy life.

M.A.G.S. – “Wait”
-A lot of times I find it difficult to support rock music because it all sort of sounds the same after a while. That’s what I appreciate about this new track “Wait.” It takes some of the tried and true rock elements (guitars, drums, kicking beat, good harmonies) and pulls it together for what sounds like a forward-moving sound. It’s equal parts alt rock, indie rock, and indie pop. I’m happy to support a rock track with quality vocals and an impressive mix like this. I appreciate that I can hear every lyric on this track and it feels like an energetic hope for the future.

Grizfolk – “Now that I know”
-Despite having the word “folk” in their name, Grizfolk are not in fact a folk act. They are more accurately described as a wonderfully engaging indie rock band. I find the energy in the vocal mix to be absolutely infectious. I don’t always dig heavy use of synth effects, but Grizfolk make it feel like update of the 80s rather than a throwback to them. The lyrical message is about moving on from a mistake (maybe a breakup?) to make better decisions in the future. Some of the guitar riffs along the way are sure to raise some eyebrows from the guitar playing crowd, as well.

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