Three acoustic singer songwriters to ask some philosophical questions

Christian Beck – “Suit and tie”
-I appreciate the approachable sound here from Christian Beck. It’s a relatable feeling that will have a lot of listeners relating, either personally or connecting with a friend who made the choices Beck outlines in the lyrics. The folk style jangles just right for us. It’s hard to make this old time style sound genuine in the 21st century, but Beck and company pull it off well. Give the lyrics an honest listen and tap your toes; even though the rhythm feels like an easy going tune the lyrics will have you contemplating some powerful existential thoughts.

The Nautical Theme – “Somewhere just okay (but not alright)”
-There’s a beautiful quality to the sonic mix on this track that makes it immediately stand out. Of course the acoustic guitar and lead vocal are good, but the atmospheric vocal harmonies take the track to another level. The lyrics will make listeners contemplate priorities and choices in life. The balance between the ethereal, atmospheric composition style with the accessible philosophy of the lyrics is really something special. Fans of modern folk music will find a lot to like from this innovative, expressive new artist The Nautical Theme.

Christopher Paul Stelling – “WWYLLYD”
-People say that all folk music sounds the same, but to those naysayers I would play this remarkable acoustic track from Christopher Paul Stelling. The aggressive acoustic guitar balances well with the 60s vibes on the vocal. The whole composition feels like the best of the past mixed with some of what the Tallest Man on Earth does in the contemporary scene. The overall sound is poetic, intriguing, convicting, and ultimately charges the listener with the monumental task of empathy. Do you have what it takes to be empathy toward the plight of others? Everyone is suffering, not just you. Amen to that, Mr. Stelling. What a time machine of a song!

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