Three tracks blurring the lines between the genres we love; folk and indie rock mashups

Arms Akimbo – “It takes (Pilot)”
-We’ve been covering Arms Akimbo for years. They’re an easy band to remember because they are consistently good and their name is quite memorable. This track has some unique production elements that makes it stand out as well. The vocal is still a quality folk aesthetic, but the overall mix feels a bit more like modern pop rock. But the vocal blending works perfectly with the acoustic guitar core. The mix, using a few studio tricks, makes for a steady, ear-pleasing overall sound.

The North Sound – “Wild Rose Country”
-I explained this song to a friend by calling it Rascall Flatts style vocal harmonies. I am still feeling that vibe with several listens later. The electric guitar moves it away from what I consider classic country, but the spirit of the vocal harmonies feel very much at home with the traditions of the genre. The overall composition feels like someone took influences from the 50s to the present and rolled them all together into a powerful sound. The chorus will have a lot of folks singing along to this emerging new pop rock folk-influenced band.

Mothe – “Summer’s almost gone”
-If you’re looking for some alt rock with a moving beat, check out Mothe. The energy of the track feels like it blends together a few different eras in rock music. The sometimes-sparse production feel of the track is why I approved this one. In a world with over the top glitz and glamour in the production of rock music, it’s nice to hear a track that resonates like this one. Also, as someone who keeps getting emails about the impending fall semester, “the summer’s almost gone” connects with me on seemingly existential levels. This is a good, energetic rock track.

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