Three new unconventional indie rock tracks for your listening pleasure

Evan Effres – “Paradigm shift”
-If you’re a fan of pop-flavored rock music, give Evan Effres a listen. This track is full of all the good vibes. I appreciate the way the mix puts the vocal out front. It’s incredibly satisfying to listen to the conversational lyrical style on the verses and then the sing-a-long, clap-a-long vibrancy of the chorus. It’s just a really well put together pop song that feels fun without having the hallmarks of so many formulaic pop songs. It’s timeless pop and we’re here for it.

No More Winters – “Garage Princess”
-The first time I clicked play on this track from No More Winters I couldn’t ignore it; there’s a hypnotic energy and familiarity about it, yet I am unable to figure out who or what it sounds like. The blues rock energy at the core of the song feels a bit like mid-60s Euro rock, but then the punctuated chorus feels like it’s from another era. The combination feels like blues meets rock meets pop and the production pulls it all together. I don’t know this “Judy” but she has inspired a heck of a good jam.

Quiet Brother – “Dancing in the flames”
-The immediate comparison I thought of when I heard this track is Bears Den. Which is funny because I always think of them as being folk but I’m definitely hearing Quiet Brother as a pop-infused rock style. Genres are weird! Call it what you will, this is a captivating style. The synths hold the energy of the track together. Even though I often say no thanks to music with a lot of synths (80s flashbacks, I guess), it really works on this track specifically. The vocal harmonies and the atmospheric synths make for some ear candy moments that are sure to have a lot of folks dancing along.

Image courtesy: Evan Effres IG

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