Three neoclassical pieces to set a peaceful mood for your week

Aija Alsina – “I hope you live”
-I don’t always know how to describe neoclassical piano work, but when I got to the end of the first line of this piece I felt chills up and down my spine. If that’s not the measure of the spiritual significance of a piece of music, I don’t know what is. I adore everything about this composition from the delightful melody to the overall energy of the cinematic elements. The track is not too overbearing and allows the listener to contemplate, meditate, and be moved. This is beautiful.

Chafa – “Aurora”
-I really appreciate the easy going style of the piano here, but the phrasing actually feels a bit heavy at times. The space between each line begs that the listener hang on for the completion of the phrase. It reminds me a bit of having a hard conversation with someone where you’re afraid of what might come next. You want to know, but your heart looms heavy. I may be projecting a bit on this one, but I definitely feel some depth and meaning in the spirit of the melody on this piece from Chafa. Give it a chance and see how it speaks to your soul as well.

Ole-Bjorn Talstad – “Moment”
-The easy going style of this piece definitely puts my heart at ease. Each line feels like a sweet conversation with a long time trusted friend. It’s the kind of piece that feels like you’re sitting in a cafe having a conversation. It’s got this endearing melodic structure with a light hearted energy that works really well. I don’t know the technical terms for what’s happening with the piano, but it certainly channels a sweet and thoughtful style. This is a gem for our neoclassical playlist.

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