Three modern takes on folk music to reinvigorate the genre

Grae – “Like you”
-The unique energy of this track is listed as “indietronica.” I call it folk music, though, because it has all the hallmarks of the genre. There’s a nice acoustic core, a clear and understandable lead vocal, and introspective (relatable) lyrics. It’s a classic folk song in so many ways. There’s just a production twist with some of the electronic elements. That said, if you are looking for something that stands out from the crowd, you’ll get a real charge out of Grae’s evocative new style about self respect and personal reflection.

Before the Brave – “Honey honey”
-The easiest comparison I have for Before the Brave is definitely Spring Standards. The harmony-driven sound might make most listeners say this sounds like an old sound. But let me tell you the layered production and precise vocal elements are certainly products of contemporary folk mood. While it borrows from traditional folk music in some ways, there are plenty of more modern inflections throughout the track. No matter, I hope to hear Before the Brave live in concert some day. Those harmonies are divine!

The Wildwoods – “Like my old man”
-I appreciate the mixed elements of this track that make it feel both old fashioned and brand new. The vocals steal the show on this one, certainly. The organic feeling of the way the vocals connect really makes the track stand out. The fiddle (or is it violin?) on this one definitely moves it into that unique sort of chamber folk category. Call it what you will, this is a meaningful, beautiful, and powerful track. It rolls the classics into a succinct and modern sound.

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