Three captivating new singer songwriters to capture your imagination

Gracie Ella – “Lady”
-Whew. I feel like there’s really nothing I can say about this vocal that you won’t hear by just… LISTENING. The soulful energy of this track is absolutely out of this world. It’s clear that Gracie Ella is familiar with the greats of soul music. If you’re looking for soulful vocals that are right on that line with pop music, give Gracie Ella a good listen. The production is incredible as well. This one should be getting some mainstream airplay!

Kala Boti – “Shining”
-If you’re looking for some nostalgic swagger, check out Kala Boti’s recent track “Shining.” The beat from the percussion and bass are evidently rooted in some old school styles. The overall message of the track is about getting back together with an ex. It’s about finding the optimism of a sunny day to try to make relationship work. The expressive electric guitar and the fantastic vocal are at the heart of the production. It’s really well done.

Saint PHNX – “Happy Place”
-I don’t even know what genre to call this music, which is why I find it so captivating. The effect on the vocal here is perfect, creating just enough reverb for it to sound like a massive over room. The gang vocal on the chorus just begs to sing along. I love this kind of music all the time, but it’s perfect for a summer playlist. The optimistic lyrics are both nostalgic and dreaming of a better time (potentially in the future). It’s a great time and feels SO GOOD on the chorus. Give it a spin.

Image coutesy: Gracie Ella IG

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