Three singer songwriters to bring calm for your weekend

The Moors – “Waiting in line”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic guitar work, check out this track from the Moors. It has a super chill energy to it that’s sure to connect with a lot of listeners. The lead vocal has a familiar tone that reminds me a bit of early 90s alt rock music. The mood with the layered acoustic guitars, though, really is what makes the song stand out in the crowd. If you’re a fan of acoustic heavy alt rock music, give the Moors a spin.

Frank Moyo – “Bedside love song”
-The chill style of this track stands right away; it’s a love song, but it’s also got this great chill groove that is sure to find a spot on a lot of playlists. It’s clear that the songwriter desired to convey a chilled out energy with love at the center of the message. “You can tell I’m on your mind.” It’s seductive, sultry, and definitely one for lovers to share with one another. If you’re in a quality relationship, this one will make the butterflies flutter.

Taylor T – “Blue bear”
-If you’re looking for an acoustic singer songwriter who brings an energetic vocal style, check out Taylor T. This track reminds me a bit of raspy parts of Mumford and Sons. The overall style is quite interesting, with thoughtful lyrics. The gravity of the vocal is what most made it stand out for me in a crowded folk genre.

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