Three more singer songwriters to grab your attention this weekend

Charli Adams – “Seventeen again”
-If you’ve ever wanted to go back in time and see your old friends, this song will resonate with you for sure. It’s a song that hits on a sentiment I’ve definitely felt myself. In fact, I see faces and moments in my mind’s eye when I listen to this. It’s pretty magical, honestly, the way memories work. The rhythm is unhurried, creating spaces for the listener to connect with both the mood and the message of the song. It’s beautiful, easy to listen to, and will make you deeply nostalgic for moments that you probably wouldn’t want to relive… but will anyways.

Strange Tides – “Black Skies”
-The acoustic guitar intro on this song is a lot longer than what we typically cover, so you know if it’s here the rest of the song must be really worth the payoff. I really appreciate the quality on the vocals both from the lead and harmonies. The lonesomeness created by the acoustic and the fiddle in the background is really lovely. I can’t say for sure, but I think it’s about putting up with someone despite their flaws. Relatable.

Suzanne Santo – “Common Sense”
-This is a songwriter’s song. Give it a spin and you’ll hear why in no time. The phrasing here is classic, balanced, and connects with listeners well. The give and take between the lead vocal and the rest of the band is really well done on this track. The sense of time passing through the length of the song is quite admirable as well. There’s a sense of time, maturity, and experience in the song. It stands out well in the genre.

Image courtesy: Strange Tides IG

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