Three energetic rock tracks to celebrate the weekend

Wild Giants – “Souvenir”
-When it comes to rock, there are a lot of different styles that people enjoy. I have to say I really appreciate the up tempo but still melodic style of Wild Giants. Sometimes the effect on a lead vocal can be offputting, but it works really well here. The sound is so good, I feel like my shoes are sticking to the venue floor. The lyrics are straightforward and interesting. The energy feels like a timeless late 20th century rock sound that resonates with me.

Jeremy Oliveria – “Counterfitter”
-If you’re looking for more of an alternative rock style, check out Oliveria’s intriguing writing. The easy comp for us is someone like David Ramirez. Oliveria’s style definitely engages with the critical writing style that shows a keen eye for assessing the world. The easy going guitar and percussion work lull the listener into hearing from the sage lyrical message delivered by the lead vocal. This is alt rock, sure, but it’s also part of a larger movement of new folk music that has a gritty yet meaningful edge to it. I dig it and can’t wait to hear more from this talented songwriter.

Jonny Lucas – “Living On”
-The up tempo rock energy of this track really puts a smile on my face right away. The lyric “making mountains out of molehills in my mind” really resonates. I think I’ve personally used that expression three times this week. The lyrical message of the track is about keeping moving even when life gets you down. I really love the optimistic energy of the lead guitar vocal on the chorus. The pop rock energy of the chorus is inspiring in all the best ways possible. This is one that I will listen to long after it’s an emerging new release. It’s a jam.

Image courtesy: Jonny Lucas IG

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