Three neoclassical pieces to bring you to a peaceful weekend

Teodor Wolgers – “Obliviate”
-The calming piano in this piece of music connected with me right away. The rolling melody lines connect quite well together. The overall style is peaceful, perfect for a playlist in the background or some intentional meditation. I can’t make a guess of the meaning from the title on this one, but I am glad for the combination of elements in this composition. It’s a peaceful song that embodies that principles of neoclassical music that we support most.

Illuminine and Friederike Bernhardt – “Aergia”
-There’s a soothing energy to this track that will touch your soul right away. Sometimes neoclassical music is good for supporting the mind, but for me this one goes a bit deeper. There’s a tenderness that finds its way deeper into my spiritual sense. I don’t know quite what makes the piece so effective, but the unhurried sincerity really works for me. Do enjoy it and put it on your own neoclassical playlist.

Piotr Wiese – “False Promises”
-I appreciate the phrasing that Piotr Wiese uses in his composition style. We’ve featured his compositions in the past because they are often so arresting. The calming sense is evident, but there are also these delightful turns of melody that always pique my interest. It’s a brilliant combination of calming and introspective, of soothing and stimulating. This is a beautiful piece of music and I’d love to know the reasoning behind it.

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