Three brand new folk songs to soothe your weary soul

John Ward – “Turn my eyes to the sky”
-This is a cathartic piece of music with poetic lyrics and a soothing melody. I really enjoy the way that John Ward approaches the melody and message of this song. There’s a genuineness that immediately emerges, even on first listen. I suppose the content here is spiritual, but even if that’s not your thing the overall ethos of the piece is hopeful and inherently peaceful. I really like this song and the brilliant combination of gentle acoustic style with thoughtful lyricism.

Jake Whiskin – “Running on Fumes”
-The rising tension in the opening resolves beautifully when the first chorus drops on this track. Whiskin has a really comfortable vocal tone that makes you think you’ve heard him before. The straight rock style on the chorus is exactly the kind of easy going rock that I love to personally support. If you’ve ever “just about had it” with someone, the lyrical message will resonate really well. This is a Springsteen-esque common people’s approach to songwriting and expressing emotions. It resonates with me personally and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Lucas Powell – “Firmament”
-If you’re looking for a peaceful, engaging acoustic singer songwriter style, give Lucas Powell a chance. Everything about the song’s composition is well balanced. The vocal is nestled right in the middle of the mix so it doesn’t overpower the other elements. The lyrics are quizzical in places, but they allow the listener’s mind to wander and contemplate meaning. The distant backing vocals and the effect on the lead create a sense of depth in the mix. The song is interesting in its own right, but the production is what made this one stand out for me. It’s fascinating.

Image courtesy: Jake Whiskin IG

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