This ain’t your grandpa’s Americana: Three must-hear new Americana tracks

Alisa Amador – “Timing”
-I haven’t heard a vocal with this much power in a long time. Fans of Lake Street Dive’s Rachel Price will find a lot to like in the vocals from Alisa Amador. Whether you call it new soul, neo-soul, or just plain old soul music… it’s definitely got a lot of energy to it. There’s a depth of soulful delivery in the lyrics here that is sure to make a lot of instant fans. I definitely dig the groove on this one. If you’re a fan, add it to your playlist and send Amador a message saying you found her through ETTG!

Lucia – “Visions”
-This track combines all sorts of fascinating elements. The tone of the guitar in the opening and the ambiance of the track reminds me of the American west for some reason. I don’t fully understand sonically what gives it that feeling, but it’s there. There’s an almost lonesome feeling to the song, which really works well. The lead vocal is good and the backing elements are just enough to make the lead lyric line “pop” for the listener. By the time the listener gets to the chorus, the track is positively soaring. It’s a remarkable bit of songwriting with depth for days.

Stephen Masi – “A little bad (will do you good)”
-It’s rare for me to hear a vocal line in the opening of a song that makes me say “yes” right away, but Stephen Masi’s incredible intonation and style did exactly that for me. The combination of the minor key on the guitar and the genuine tone from the vocal makes for a sound that we just don’t hear enough in music today. Something about the sound (both instrumentation and vocal tone) remind me a bit of Dylan Leblanc. That’s high praise in these Americana-loving parts. This is a genre-bending, string-happy, aesthetically grassrootsy tour de force and we are absolutely HERE for it.

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