Three feel-good tracks in the indie pop and indie rock vein

Le Saiint – “Grey Blue Hair”
-Do you feel that syncopated energy right from the start of the track? I totally dig that. It’s got this groove that just makes you want to lean back in your car and cruise. The electronic elements of the track add in some texture that you don’t get with a straight rock act, but the overall sound is still very much rock based. I’d like to offer some insight as to the meaning of the lyrics, but honestly it just seems to be about “feeling alive.” I’m not sure what the hidden meaning is beyond that message on the chorus. It’s a cool unique pop rock energy that we’re happy to support.

The Response – “Hollow Branches”
-The syncopated rock energy here is really powerful on this pop-infused rock track. The “dah dah dahhhs” are really enjoyable and get the listener wanting to sing along. It also creates a nice bit of space between the lyrically heavy verses. Although the inflections and the mix sometimes make it hard to follow the lyrics, the overall vibe of the track is such that I dig it anyways. I’ll look forward to putting this one on an indie rock list very soon.

Lexi Jayde – “Bedroom walls”
-When I first heard this song, the minor key felt a bit unsettling, but the more I listened the more it resonated with me. The lead vocal is really strong on this one, pulling the listener in right away. The energy and lyricism is thoroughly pop, but the up tempo style has enough of a rock heart to it that it blends genres well. The song represents, in some ways, a wonderful amalgamation of popular styles in the 21st century. I dig it.

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