Instrumentals That Defy Description

Gushh – “Drifting Through the Emptiness of Space

This Bristol based project beautifully crafts styles we love. With a shoe gaze base, Gushh expands and blossoms into an entirely encompassing sound we value immensely. The project of one artist who does all the heavy lifting, listeners can tell just how talented he is at constructing a textured sound. His passion is to take forgotten pieces of media mixing them into his work. We think “Drifting Through the Emptiness of Space” is a great example of what the artist does so well.


There is a eerie but uplifting quality to the music of Sorrot. The project of Finnish composer Samuli Turunen, listeners can tell his talent for composition in “Mountain”. There is a minimalism and melancholy we dig, but it also carries a contemplative spirit. The track is the closer to his newest EP which touches on many of the same themes. We were pleasantly reminded of some of the instrumental Nine Inch Nails work, and if you know us, this is some of the highest praise we can give. Check out “Mountain” and the rest of the tracks from Sorrot for a taste of the inspirational Nordic environment.

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