Three Americana tunes showing off the versatility of the genre

Of Sea and Stone – “The day before everything”
-If you love folk duos, you need to know about Of Sea and Stone. I’ve had the privilege of covering this band a few times now and they are a delight every time. Everything from the spirit to the swing are the absolutely real deal. Fans of Mandolin Orange and similar folk duos will genuinely enjoy this engaging new folk duo. Prepare to get your toes tapping and sing along with these talented artists. It’s some of the best full band folk music I’ve heard in 2021 so far.

Pat Byrne – “Just a venial sin”
-I really appreciate the aggressive storytelling of Pat Byrne’s songwriting style. The overall sound draws easy comparisons to modern gritty Americana artists like David Ramirez, Ryan Adams, and Jason Isbell. Byrne deserves to be in that company with his gritty vocal and poignant lyrical style. If this is your first time encountering the track, spend some time really connecting with the lyrics. It goes beyond the typical jam rock style and really makes the listener think about some larger existential questions — in that way that only rock music can do.

Blue Cactus – “Worried Man”
-We’ve got electric guitars, a solid lead vocal, and a slide guitar to die for. This… this sounds like Americana. The composition reminds me of a connection of some classic country genres with something magical. I can’t quite put my finger on the subgenre of country. There’s a dash of Orbison-style western swing and rock-a-billy in the song, but overall it feels like it stands on its own in the 21st century. It’s certainly something that Americana fans should consider. And don’t forget to pay the undertaker.

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