Three neoclassical pieces to captivate and inspire in this spring season

Michael Koch – “Vergeben”
-The best types of neoclassical music are the pieces that are able to bring together classical styling with something that feels modern and fresh. It doesn’t mimick the past so much as it adapts and evolves it into something new. That is precisely what Michael Koch has done for listeners in this captivating new piece “Vergeben.” The dynamics from the piano to the strings all serve a larger movement. At times cinematic and other times a bit more intimate, the track rises and falls with a beautiful dynamic style. This is one I’ll be putting on my neoclassical list for sure.

Oscar Kowalksi – “Pousser la porte”
-There’s a beautiful calming style to this new piece from Oscar Kowalski. It’s soothing and a bit repetitive, but also has these little bluesy rhythms that shape the melody that I’ve never really heard before. I would certainly not call it a blues song, but it just has little flourishes that make it feel more modern than a lot of tracks in the genre. I appreciate the blending of styles into something that feels like Kowalski’s own signature. This is a welcome addition to the neoclassical world in 2021.

Matthias Gusset – “On one’s own”
-I think I have used the term “unhurried” every time I have written about Gusset’s compositions. I genuinely appreciate the relaxed energy of this soothing and meaningful piece of music. Gusset has an apparent gift for composing tracks that feel comfortable yet continue to move in a productive direction. It’s perfect for putting on in the background or spending time in intentional contemplation. I suspect that this one will inspire a lot of other artists to think, write, and make art through it’s movement and encouraging energy.

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