Three tracks from the Americana and country would that will surprise you

The Lowdown Drifters – “If I had a dollar”
-If you claim to like Americana music, then you will certainly love this track from the Lowdown Drifters. Honestly, if I made a “top tracks” list for Americana specifically, this would make it. The production is excellent, befitting the gruff and engaging lead vocal. The way the guitars set the mood of the track and the lyrics connect with life on the road, I can’t help but believe every word of this song. Some of the lyrics about the “vices” of the road are a bit surprising, but the overall mood of the track is about longing for home and acceptance in the midst of all the ways we cope with our lot in life. This is about so much more than *just* life on the road. It’s great.

Mark Diamond – “Old soul”
-This is the kind of music that feels like what “pop country” should mean. There’s a nice acoustic sense to the composition. The overall mix feels comfortable and radio ready. Diamond has a calming, easy going vocal. This track proves that not every country artist needs to have a deep, gruff Toby Keith kind of voice to fit in the genre. The lyrics are really a treat, especially for those of us who are “always heading home.” It’s definitely a song that’ll make you think about some people and places that have made your own heart sing over the years. It’s a treat.

Sean Magwire – “Cora’s song”
-From the very opening here, the relaxing acoustic work helps to encourage people to connect with the mood of the track. The vocal is excellent, creating a sense of purpose and poetic connection. The overall mix of the elements of the track seem to transcend genre, although I think Americana is as near a fit as possible. Sneakily in the background, the organ work might be some of my favorite parts of the track. The entire work is something that will stand out in any Americana playlist and you should consider this one for your own music collection.

Image courtesy: Lowdown Drifters Spotify bio

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