Three remarkable stand-out indie folk tracks to add to your playlist immediately

Mighty Oaks – “Land of broken dreams”
-This is such a fun little folk song. It’s a really great song because on the surface it seems relatively “simple” but there’s a lot going on with this track. The vocal harmonies are my favorite part, but the guitar work and overall composition has layers to it that make this “easy” feeling. I really appreciate the sort of vintage 70s folk rock vibe that comes through on this one. It’s a cool sound that will fit in on playlists with the likes of the Head and the Heart, all while capturing a timeless folk rock energy.

Lovely Nothing ft Darlingside – “Hey Ma” (Bon Iver cover)
*NOTE: This track is a fundraiser for mental health. Follow the Bandcamp link for more info.
-If you’ve come to love the calming harmonies from Darlingside and the impressive songwriting of Bon Iver, you’ll want this track in your life. I hadn’t heard of Lovely Nothing before this track, but I’ll be checking out his work as well. The overall energy is really fascinating. The spirit of folk music is captured with the piano, vocals, and collaboration here. I am impressed with every aspect of the track, to be fair. I’ll be listening to this one a lot in 2021, I can feel it.

Matt Van – “skin/bones”
-The opening of this track will remind you of a Bon Iver track, especially early career. Then as the song unfolds it feels like a truly unique piece of music and you’ll stop comparing Van’s work to anyone. The composition includes these dramatic swells of electronic production that really are remarkable. The genre conventions stand no chance with Matt Van’s eloquent, atmospheric, aesthetic songwriting style. This is a song that can’t really be put into words; it’s a track with an incredible amount of energy. It’s visceral, engaging, and – compliment of compliments – feels true.

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