Three unconventional rock jams that’ll make you pay attention

Brian Dale Allen Strouse – “Shot of something”
-This song probably seems like it’s about a drink, but it’s about a relationship. It’s about falling for someone who can give you that special boost that no one can. I appreciate the vocal harmonies on the chorus, for sure, but there’s this energy throughout the track that feels really good. It’s not exactly straight rock, but it moves and vibes like a Jackson Browne deep cut. It’s out there and familiar, all at once. Dig it.

Alyson McNamara – “After hours”
-There’s a groove to this track that makes it stand out from the crowd almost immediately. The vocal is cool and understated in a really chill way. The electric guitar stands on its own here, allowing the rest of the track to take shape around it. Call it psych rock if you want, but this is a cool indie rock track. It’s perfect for putting on in the background or for driving. Definitely a song for that chill out playlist.

Electric Candlelight – “Another Year Gone By”
-The aggressive style of the vocal here is sure to awaken even the most stoic listener. This track feels very much like a Jim Morrison Doors style track. I appreciate the aggression, the passion, and the ENERGY of this track more than I can put into words. It’s what 60s stage-melting, guitar-smashing music is all about. I can’t say I’d listen to this every day or even commonly on one of my playlists, but when the mood strikes you’ll not find a better modern take on classic rock than Electric Candlelight. I hope to catch this passionate performance at a festival one day; I think the crowd might levitate.

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