Three tracks with classic Americana and country energy

American Sparrow – “Little lovebird”
-If you asked me to describe Americana music in 2021 to someone who had never heard it, I would describe a sound pretty darn close to this. There’s a nice strumming energy, a quality lead vocal, and a banjo that sets the mood. The harmonies on the chorus are really enjoyable. The lyrics are poetic and more complex than you might expect from an easy going tune like this one. It’s sure to find a place on our Americana playlist and for good reason; it sounds great and the harmonies are enough to make me fan alone.

Southern Brave – “While you can”
-I’m quite picky when it comes to country music, so when I find a track that scratches that itch for me, I have to feature it here. Southern Brave has that nice mix of steel guitar and a fantastic lead vocal. The combination feels like it harkens to the golden age of country music while also caputring a modern energy as well. The lyrics seem both wholesome as well as a bit fleeting in a sense. I appreciate that it calls the listener to question and contemplate far more than most modern country.

Helen Townsend – “Where are you now”
-If you’re looking for an old time style, check out Townsend’s latest track. The vocal harmonies are really nice on this one. I think the banjo jangles just right on this one, setting a wonderful mood. The inquisitive lyrics are equal parts endearing and reassuring. This is a fun little track.

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