Three indie pop tracks standing out from the crowd

Nine Year Sister – “Coming home”
-I would tell new artists that indie pop is one of the toughest genres to stand out in, but Nine Year Sister have figured out some sort of magic formula for doing so. The vocal harmonies are stunning and the melodies capture the attention of the listener. The hypnotic energy of this track makes it perfect for listening in the background or for engaging seriously. The cinematic power of this track helps it to stand out, inspiring listeners to head home for the comforts of home even if it’s impossible to physically be there for a while yet.

Sam Valdez – “Palms Casino”
-We don’t feature a lot of music with distorted guitars, so when we do you know it has to be exceptionally well done. This track has a lot of vintage, vibey moments to it. The vocal is absolutely crispy, which is what initially pulled me in. But the more I listened, the more I was drawn to the groove and the guitars as well. It’s sort of a timeless blending of influences seemingly from the 60s, 80s, and today. I’d love to know a bit more about the songwriting and production decisions on this one. It’s lush and satisfying, sure to make a lot of indie pop and maybe (?) even shoegazey lists for best of 2021 music.

Mara Connor – “Blues Run the Game” Jackson C Frank cover
-I really don’t feature very many covers, but when I find one this good I can’t say no. Connor’s vocal is absolutely out of this world! The song is itself very complicated, but Connor makes the complex melody feel approachable and accessible. I’m glad I wasn’t hired as a player on this track! That said everything from the guitars, bass, drums, and especially the organ (shout out keys!) are outstanding. The vintage vibes are captured beautifully, yet it has the pop of a more modern rendition. In short, I love it. Happy to feature.

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