Three brand new folk-inspired tracks to liven up your mid April

Tyler Meacham – “Unknowing”
-The relaxing acoustic guitar work and quality lead vocal here immediately stood out to me. I was pulled in to the intimate recording style and sweet lyrical connection. If you’ve ever sat in the room with someone that you can’t fully communicate with how much you love them, this song will resonate. For some it might be a lover, but for many it might be a family member. There used to be such a strong connection but now it feels empty and broken. This track hit me deeply, personally, and… I mean this as a compliment but it’s hard for me to listen to. I will certainly continue to listen to it as a point of catharsis, but this isn’t a sing and celebrate song. It’s a sing, lament, and feel song. It’s really important.

Sam Newton – “Burning Bridges”
-There’s a really interesting snare drum part at the heart of this song that keeps it moving. Then, partway through, an organ fills the air. It’s interesting having some of these elements work together… and then is that a ukelele I hear? And a banjo? I swear this band played every instrument in the studio! It’s a lovely, eclectic mix of styles and genres. There’s no easy way to describe this track. You just need to hear it. Fans of experimental folk in the vein of Dr. Dog will probably get a kick out of Sam Newton and his merry band.

Brooke Stephenson – “Cry to me”
-This is a classic country two step, easy going dance track by an absolutely incredible vocalist. You want to talk about a show stopper? Play Brooke Stephenson. I haven’t heard a country music vocalist with this kind of heart combined with power in a long time. Think Dolly. Think Reba. Stephenson is in the tradition of these great vocalists. As the production shifts in the middle of the song, it becomes more pop and less country. In any event, the track is worthy of attention for anyone who appreciates a quality vocal.

Image courtesy: Brooke Stephenson IG

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