Three neoclassical pieces that will bring warmth for these chilly rainy spring days

Andrew Land – “Loss and Expense”
-There’s an atmospheric quality to this piece that really sets it apart. It’s hard to explain what exactly makes a neoclassical track resonate more than others, but for me, this one unfolds so nicely. It is, in a word, unrushed. It’s like an unfolding flower from bud to blossom. There’s slow, deliberate development of the melody from each phrase. I appreciate so much about the subtleties here. It’s a peaceful style that soothes the soul.

Sherwood Roberts – “Flight”
-I don’t think I’ve said no to a single Sherwood Roberts song I’ve heard yet. They are all so exceptionally well written. I genuinely appreciate the sentiment expressed in this piece. Something about it reminds me of my childhood and growing up in a home with a piano. The way the melody calls and responds back and forth feels like listening in on a conversation of two people, perhaps parents or siblings, talking gently and lovingly. I don’t know what any of this has to do with “Flight,” but it’s the image I felt here. It’s beautiful.

Blair Coron – “Still, let us live by the moon in ecstacy”
-One of the first things I did when I heard this song was share it with a friend who is a writer. This is writing music. This is inspiring music. This is soul moving music. The subtle effects in the background with the violin accent brilliantly the main melody played on the piano. The expressive style makes me breath in one of those big, shoulder-raising breaths of “it’s good to be alive” air. I am moved by this one in a way that I struggle to put into words. I hope you are too.

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