Three tracks that will make you an indie pop fan, even if you don’t think you are

mehro – “Not alone”
-This track is a whole groove, man. If you’re looking for a song that will make you question what kind of music you even like, this is the one to do it. There’s an engaging sentiment in the acoustic guitars, which seem to defy the “pop” moniker, yet there’s a glowing vocal section with “bah bahhs” straight from some vintage 60s tunes. The end product is something that will have you thinking about your thought life while tapping your toes. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition.

Lord Huron – “Mine forever”
-Lord Huron is one of those names that I see in submissions and think… wow, they’re sending US music? I honestly feel honored to be sent music of this quality. If you haven’t heard this iconic vocal, let this be a beautiful introduction to a unique and engaging style. I’ve always thought of this sound as more folk, but Lord Huron have established a really wonderful glowing pop energy here. The electric guitars are mixed perfectly with the backing strings and the vocal tone. It’s a really lush sound in the best way possible.

Proxima Parada – “Brand-new hours”
-I don’t know whether to call this soul of even a dash of pop rock, but it’s got a real energy to it that I think you’re gonna like. By using the royal “you,” you know I mean it! Literally everyone can and should be a fan of this kind of music. It just feels so dang good to listen to it. The groove demands that you dance, the vocals demand you sing along, and the whole composition demands your attention. I would definitely say fans of Lake Street Dive should consider adding this one because, as the kids say, it slaps.

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