Three more Americana tunes to get your toes tapping

Tyler Lee Frush – “Western states”
-I appreciate the unhurried nature of this song. It’s about love. It’s about heartache. The expressive guitar work on this one is fascinating. I am not entirely sure how the metallic sound is achieved here, but it works really well. It reminds me a little of the “Plain to see Plainsman” of Colter Wall’s catalog. There’s a relaxed, poetic, sincere element to this track that absolutely stands out from the crowd. I dig it.

Dreamer – “Take me home”
-The acoustic fingerpicking at the heart of this song is absolutely delightful. When you add in some fantastic vocals, the track feels like a breath of fresh air. If you’ve ever wished to be home, this song will resonate in your soul. I love the imagery of looking to nature as a connection of home. As someone who grew up in a neighborhood with many different relatives nearby, I can relate to the feeling of home always being back somewhere else from my past. If you grew up in the countryside, this song will resonate with you.

Greta Ziller – “Fan the fire”
-I’ll be honest, this track feels as much pop as it does Americana to me. That said, it’s still a good piece of music with a lot of energy and attitude. The quality of the lead vocal could stand in any genre. If you hang on for that first chorus, you’ll hear why it fits for a folk rock Americana sound. It’s the kind of song that you could play at a big outdoor concert and bring in people from neighboring stages. It rocks. It rolls. It’s got that soul. This is a genre-defying jam with relatable lyrics and a killer lead vocal. Spin it!

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