Three expressive new Americana tunes

Brandon Jenner – “There you are”
-The softspoken vocal in the opening of the track will make you straighten up and pay attention. The haunting, lonesome guitar in the background makes you wonder where this is all going. The lyrics are introspective, philosophical, and conjuring harder questions than your average Americana tune. This ain’t your grandpa’s cowboy song. It’s got a sentimentality and depth to it that will have you listening over and over. It will also make you wonder if your best friend is a conman. It’s beautifully eccentric.

Maximiliano – “The Roof”
-The way the guitars and the lead vocals dance together on this track is definitely a rewarding style of Americana music. The verse can be a bit hard to understand, but trust me when I say you should stick around for the chorus. The chorus rips. It bops. It swings… and it satisfies. There’s a little bit of western swing with hat tips to Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys on this song. No matter whether we call it country western or just plain old Americana, it’s a song that is built on a historical legacy of great music, honest songwriting, and broken hearts the world over. This’n’s a good’n.

Monica Heldal – “Wallowa Lake”
-Call it folk or Americana, this is a gorgeous piece of music. The atmospheric energy here creates a remarkable mood for the piece. People don’t typically think of this genre as “turn it up to 11” music, but I would encourage you to turn this one up a few notches and feel the music surround you. It’s glorious. The production of this one does a great job of allowing the lead vocal to shine through while filling the space with rich, rewarding sonic textures. The slower, expressive lyrical elements are punctuated nicely with soaring atmospheric breaks. The whole composition comes together for something truly genre-defying.

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