Three tracks that alter your perceptions regarding rock music

Ryland – “Looking like you do”
-Everything about this track is what I hope to find when I’m listening for new music. The voice and core melody are good, but it has a vibe to it that I haven’t ever heard before. There’s a snappiness to the composition that stands out from the crowd. The layered vocals are enough to create texture without feeling like another conventional harmony rock piece. The production has layers that will take multiple listens to pick out and the lyrics give a pathway right into the song for nearly anyone. It’s accessible and moving; give it a spin!

Apricus – “Hold a space”
-The piano and vocal style of this track might not feel like a conventional rock tune right away, but stick with it. I promise there is a rock payoff. The track captures the mood and spirit of a sort of smooth, melodic psych rock spirit. Think about some of your favorite parts of what makes Pink Floyd so poignant. This is not the straight kick drum style of rock; it’s atmospheric and dreamy, like more in the vein of Coldplay’s iconic modern pop rock. Dream on it, folks. This one is an experience.

John Ward – “No, I’ve never felt the wind”
-John Ward is the kind of singer songwriter who knows how to tap into the atmospheric style without decreasing the quality of the melody. The core of this song feels like a folk song, but the production works to amplify the meaning. I’m not sure if the lyrics are meant to be intentionally spiritual, but they definitely give off a vibe. Ward’s vocal cuts through the backing elements, allowing for a contemplative experience. This is beautiful, reflective modern rock music and it is absolutely worth putting on your playlist.

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