Three genre-defying new tracks that you have to hear to believe

I used to write a feature on ETTG years ago where I would just throw together 10 tracks from a variety of different genres. I loved writing those and I miss the connections that would happen from that experience. Alas, forces beyond our control have changed the way we do things around here, so there are no more 10 song playlists. Instead, we give you three… but these are three of the coolest unconventional tracks we’ve received lately and I hope you dig them as much as I do.

Izzy Heltai – “My old friends”
-There’s a folk guitar core to this song, but the unconventional vocal inflection makes this one feel really cool and unique. I appreciate the way the beat moves along, but doesn’t rush. It’s got a whole engaging mood that I really enjoy. I like the juxtaposition of looking back to old friends while also hoping for the future. Let’s just try living in the moment for a change. Amen to that!

Dark Dazey – “NRA”
-Alright so when I first accepted this song I was just really happy to find an exciting old time country feeling with a great lead female vocal. The jangly energy on this one is really infectious. Regardless of whether you agree with the political message, it is a really enjoy able tune. I am happy to support a song that observes a societal problem and offers a solution to it. Also, I like that it’s lighthearted despite taking on a very serious issue. I don’t know what you want to call this genre, but it got my toes tappin.

Rey – “Dale”
-There are so many interesting elements to this track, I’m not entirely sure what all to highlight. First we have the glowing atmospheric energy, then we add in a quality lead vocal, and then there is a driving and foundational piano part. Once it all comes together, something feels a bit like the feel good vibes of the 70s mixed with a more modern production quality. I just dig the sound. The subtle vocal harmonies are really appealing, too. It feels like a long lost piece from a musical and I’m totally on board with it. I’m intrigued by all of the different production decisions that make for such a masterful piece of music.

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