Three new Americana tracks for your late winter reflections

Chase Potter – “How”
-There’s a really infectious Americana energy to this track. The lyrics are personal, but make everyone reflect on we go about learning and knowing. The guitar on this one sounds particularly rich. The combination of those guitar harmonics and the effect on the vocal makes for a timeless and enjoyable overall style.

Kris Angelis – “Give anything”
-There’s an old fashioned rhythmic sense to this song that puts a smile on my face with every listen. The vocal mix is incredible, making it easy to connect with the lyrics. The fiddle and piano in the background give it a real “down home” old country energy. The overall mix is Americana at its very core. Angelis gives a gospel-influenced old time country song that should be on the radio right away.

John Davey – “Kings, Gods, Fools”
-I guess you could call this song folk rock, but I’m going to include it here in this little Americana piece. It’s got some really incredible writing. Davey has captured an old 60s folk rock sentiment with precision. I can’t believe how fresh the sound is for it being in an older style. It feels like we’ve just found some hidden tapes from Neil Young or Stephen Stills. Davey’s vocal is cool, guitar work is crisp, and the overall style is truly anarcho-chronological.

Image courtesy: John Davey IG

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