Three intriguing takes on rock music to get you through the weekend

Thai Food – “Swiss Alps”
-If you’re looking for an experimental rock sound, check out Thai Food. It’s definitely not your parents or grandparents’ rock music. There are some intriguing jazzy elements here. More than anything, the unconventional energy is intended to pull listeners out of a typical groove. Although we don’t typically feature music like this, we thought the more melodic elements of the track are so strong we wanted fans to find this. For the discerning ear, this is an outstanding and artful display of music making.

Luna Bay – “Blue”
-It’s really nice to find straight, energetic rock like this from Luna Bay. There are so many people pushing the envelope of rock music, sometimes it feels like no one just makes good old fashioned kick-drum and power chord music. But this new song from Luna Bay is sure to get my toes tapping for many, many listens this year. Imagine cranking this while playing video games and drinking some root beer… ya know? Just me? Ok well, the drink can vary. The music has to be this jam. I dig it a lot.

Toni Foote – “Drug of choice”
-There’s a subtle energy to this track that I really enjoy. The guitars and lead vocal are the centerpiece. Both are incredibly powerful. I dig the “lack of sleep is my drug of choice” sentiment. Anyone living through the pandemic and the consequent mental health crises right now can probably relate. I appreciate how Foote writes with this sincerity, as if we’re already friends and she’s just talking with me at a coffeeshop or something. It feels very, very personal. It works. It rocks, but it also communicates really well.

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