Three new Americana tracks to make you nostalgic

Under the Rocks – “Palm of your hand”
-They just don’t make bluegrass like they used to… well, they do. Here it is! Under the Rocks make old fashioned bluegrass. This one has a nice porch-sitting sing-along charm to it. The banjo, the vocals, and a fiddle solo… it’s all there. Oh and don’t think I missed you stand up bass! The whole thing all sounds pleasantly rewarding. Spin this one all you fans of old time music.

Henry Conlon – “Lucy”
-This is what Americana music means to me; there’s a raw, almost aggressive energy to the guitar. But the sound is anchored by an awesome steel guitar. The overall composition soars. If you were as blown away by Jason Isbell’s *Southeastern* a few years ago, you’ll want to hear this track from Henry Conlon. The arrangement has this fullness and depth to it that helps it stand out as more country than most of the “country” on the radio. There’s a relationship maturity to the lyrics on this one that will make the whole crowd take notice.

Addison Agen – “My kitchen floor”
-Well, this is a special piece of music right here. It immediately reminded me of some very important women in my life — family. I appreciate the thousands of hours the matriarchs in my own family spent working on their own kitchen floors. I appreciate the depth of the composition here, the layered production, and most notably the lyrics. Agen’s vocal feels familiar but stands out in the Americana scene. What strikes me most about this track is that without thinking about it, I immediately pictured my grandma’s kitchen. That’s powerful songwriting!

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