Three exciting new singer songwriter tunes for your weekend fun

S. E. Webster – “How long”
-I dig the easy going energy here. I appreciate the way the track throws back to a folk rock era from the 60s. Some might even consider this classic rock. I definitely appreciate the experimental layers that shake the listener a bit, but then it returns to a familiar refrain. This is my kind of folk rock music, with some real ear candy harmonics tucked away in the track.

Bridget Rian – “Type of girl”
-The big time piano on this track is sure to make some fans of Rian’s style. It demands your attention. I can just picture a huge grand piano on a stage with a spotlight. Imagine my surprise, then, when the electronic effect alters the vocal in some places. I would call this more of a pop singer songwriter style than folk, but it’s an interesting track for sure.

Lauren Spring – “I remember you”
-There’s an easy going energy to this track that puts an immediate smile on my face. Something about Spring’s vocal feels very familiar to me. The overall energy is engaging and fun. It’s like a combination of pop country and throwback folk in some completely unexpected ways. The full production takes styles you know and enlivens them to the contemporary context. I dig it for sure.

Image courtesy: Lauren Spring IG

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