Three modern pop tracks that should be on the radio — right now!

Kiri T – “10,000 ft”
-There’s something about the vibe of this track that just hits right. It’s cool and calm, even though it’s about the flying feeling of falling for someone amazing. I love the bluesy heart of rejection amidst loving so much. It’s incredibly relatable. The production layers here are really enjoyable. The lush arrangement makes it easy to listen to, while the lyrics will have a lot of people connecting with the message. It’s a whole mood, friends. Spin it.

Celine Cairo – “Famous”
-Since we typically cover acoustic music, it’s easy to hear why Cairo’s new track appealed to us. But let me tell you this one resonated with me regardless of instrumentation; it’s all about Cairo’s incredible vocal work here. The sense of space in this composition really allows the listener to enter into the track and feel the expressive mood. It’s part diary entry, part exploration, and part declaration. I appreciate the spirit of this one a lot.

Chrissy B – “More than anyone”
-This is a love song that deserves wide recognition. There’s a sincerity in each line that feels so undeniably true. It’s equal parts charming 50s pop mixed with this modern production style that resonates really well. I can imagine fans of some of the more introspective songwriters like Dodie Clark or Tessa Violet will really enjoy Chrissy B’s expressive writing style. I’d love to see this one make it to big audiences; it’s incredibly well produced and beautiful in its simplicity.

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