Three exceptional new songwriters you’ll want in your life

Francis Luke Accord – “Sunnyside”
-If you’re looking for folk music, you really can’t do much better than Francise Luke Accord. We’ve covered this creative act several times in the past, but this new music seems to be resonating with us even more than ever. The folksy harmonies are the best part for us, but the guitar work is great as well. There’s no easy comparison here, you just have to hear it. Put this track on your folk playlist and be impressed every time it plays.

Jen Miller – “Meet cute”
-The atmospheric piano work and unhurried vocal on this immediately made me pay attention. Once you lean into the song, you realize that it defies genre and commands respect. The line “no one knows what chapter they’re in” really hits home given the dire circumstances we’e been enduring over the past year. This is one of those songs that you intend to have on in the background but will make you take notice.

The Candid – “I’ll remember”
-Every once in a while I run across a track that just hits me right. I feel that way about the Candid. There’s a raw rock sense to the track that makes it stand out, but the chromatic chord change was really unexpected on this one. In a world with so much derivative rock writing, it’s great to hear something that truly stands out from the crowd. If you’ve ever had one of those fuzzy nights out that was more true than fun, you’ll find a lot to like about this track. This track captures the spirit of rock n’ roll better than anything I’ve heard in recent months. I dig it.

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