Three different takes on modern rock music for your exploration

Juliper Sky – “Another life”
-This is one of the most lush arrangements of a rock song I’ve ever heard. The layers of synth and guitars are absolutely wild. There’s a resonance on the vocals here that fill the room with energy. It’s not always easy to understand the lyrics, but the ear candy style of the production make it all worthwhile in the end. It’s really about life’s mysteries… and that it’s worth it to just experience life without trying to solve it all. (At least, that’s what I gather). It’s a “just chill” track with a whole big chill mood. I like it.

Hiding from Humans – “(Turn down the) Radio”
-Some people are surprised that some of my favorite bands are not introspective folk artists; they’re pop punk bands. The power chord and harmony style that became massively popular in my formative years continues to be a style I enjoy. This track from Hiding from Humans does a nice job of capturing that Blink 182 style of pop punk. The lead vocal is really strong and the chords are as powerful as they are energetic. I can’t help but think about jumping at a sticky-floored venue to this track. Maybe some day soon! I dig the power and enthusiasm of this one a lot.

Casa Rosa – “All this time”
-If you’re a fan of good electric guitars and a killer bluesy vocal, give Casa Rosa a spin. This track is unbelievably good. The syncopated energy connects immediately. You’ll find yourself dancing in your chair making that “blues groove” face. You know the one. It’s truly a blues track about the remnants of a relationship, but it’s also about finding that groove to move on. The guitar work on this one is… whew! Give it a shot, friends.

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