Three acoustic singer songwriters for your folk playlist

Jackamo – “Foundations”
-When a folk duo can sound like this, with both intimacy and sincerity in the sound, I can’t click away. There’s a gorgeous core to this track that is both lyrically poetic and melodically appealing. The pleading, broken hearted depth of this track is really remarkable. It feels like the kind of song that can capture a truly earth shattering moment in someone’s life; not everyone can relate to it, but for those who can this will bring back a flood of emotions. It’s absolutely stunning, especially with some of the orchestral elements and the exceptional vocal harmonies.

Mike Edel – “Don’t panic” (Coldplay cover)
-I was in high school when Coldplay burst onto the music scene. I’m not in high school anymore (ha!), but their music still has incredible resonance. Imagine my surprise when I received this intriguing new reimagining of one of Coldplay’s hit songs. The understated, indie(er) vibe of this track breathes new life into a song I’ve heard thousands of times. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the song takes on new meaning after what the past four years (give or take) have done to us; it’s good to be reminded that the world is a beautiful place and is not beyond repair (we hope).

Fox Rivera – “Someone I once knew”
-The lyrics of this song are more spiritual than you might expect; give them a chance to inspire you. There’s a gentle element to the track’s composition, but it’s ultimately about love and missing someone. The sweet sincerity of the track stands out from the crowd easily. This one will pull on your heart strings; the song is technically a delightful little folk song, but it’s the emotional lyrical content that will move your heart.

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