Three new folk tunes to help you through the midweek

Wren – “Kite out on the ocean”
-If you’re a fan of easy going folk singer songwriters, you’ll want to spin this new track from Wren. It’s calming, soothing even, with the spirit of an old time folk song. There’s an endearing sensibility to the lyrics that will pull you in on this one. I appreciate the lyrical play on words, “kite out on the ocean, no string attached.” Clever, sweet, sincere.

Emmet Michael – “God shaped hole”
-I am a huge sucker for good acoustic guitar based folk music. When you add in some excellent folk duo harmonies, well, then I’m really hooked. This track is one that stood out from the folk crowd with first listen. There’s an earnestness in the vocal style throughout the track that makes the listener feel the song as much as hearing it. If you’re looking for a bit of spiritual meaning with your engaging folk music, give this one a chance.

Dane Roberts – “Dreaming in blue”
-If you’re looking for a poppy energy to your new folk music, give this new track from Dane Roberts a spin. It’s got a happy energy with a wonderful chromatic chord change that tickles my fancy every time. I don’t know exactly if these are blues chords (sorry, not a musicologist), but I definitely know it makes me feel all bouncy inside. The lyrics seem to be about moving on in the wake of a disappointment. I love the stand up bass and the jangly strings (is it a ukelele?). It’s just a good time.

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