Three unconventional Americana tunes to catch your attention in early 2021

Jason Ewald – “Much at all”
-I’m not sure what to call this track genre wise, but it’s definitely a timeless little Americana tune with a lot of character. I guess it’s most noticably an off-shoot of the great American jazz tradition. Some of the expressive melodic elements certainly remind me of 30s or 40s style lounge jazz. The vocal has a soulful quality about it that will pull in a lot of listeners. This is a mature, even timeless pop quality that we’d love to hear more prominent in radio today. At this to your party playlist and watch the folks in the black ties take notice.

Big Fan of the Bison – “Better off”
-I appreciate the acoustic energy on this track for sure, but it’s the hauntingly sincere vocal that awoke me from my listening slumber on this one. It takes a lot of an acoustic Americana track like this to stand out from the crowd, but the full band and an amazing lead vocal do that well. Once the three part harmonies entered the track, I was hooked. This is a beautiful pop bluegrass style that I haven’t heard, honestly, since the early days of Nickel Creek. That is intentionally high praise and I adore this sound.

Matt Burke – “Roses”
-This is the kind of music you expect to hear when someone says “Americana.” It’s a rich older style of country music. I appreciate the sardonic humor in the lyrics. There’s a definitely blues ethos in the lyrical work on this one. If you’ve ever talked to someone who never left their hometown (or you are that person), this song will resonate well. It’s definitely a classic tune. I hope a lot of people run across Burke’s sincere old school country style; it’s a welcome change of pace.

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